We Put The U In Fun

What is Bounce N Beyond?

When you visit us at Bounce N Beyond, be prepared for a unique and cutting edge experience at our 25,000 square foot facility.  Bounce N Beyond is Ireland’s latest Sports & Recreation Venue.  Trampoline facilities for over 5’s only, soft play facilities for under 5’s

5 Themed Party Rooms

We are not sure what these rooms do...its a secret...find out for yourself 🙂

Wipeout Zone

Enjoy private games with your friends. If you come alone or with friends you will challenge each other and participants to Dodge, Duck, Dip and Dive.

Air Bag Jump

Air Bag Jump is COOOOOL! You’ll be jumping onto an air-filled bags that are lovely and bouncy. Land on any part of your body because the impact is so little!

Climbing Wall

3 walls of climbing...that's if you actually can get around them awkward edges...great training for Mt Everest 😉

Ninja Park

Now your kids don’t have to jump over furniture or climb up walls anymore. They are in the perfect location where it is not only allowed...WE INSIST! 😉 Note: Ninja Park/ Trampoline area is for over 5's only. Bounce and Beyond Grip socks are compulsory for safety reasons

Walk The Wall

Don’t worry, you wont get hurt. Instead of hitting the ground, the only thing you will hit are are a 1,000 soft and squishy cubes.

Relaxation Lounge

Find a table and relax, talk with friends, or just people-watch for a while.

Other Bounce N Beyond Features

Coffee Shop

This is where you can pick up a snack, hot or cold, when you’re feeling a bit peckish from playing so hard. Of course, the cafe is also a great place to just take a breather if you’re a bit exhausted

Full Kichen Menu

We have pizza by the slice, sweets and bars, and, of course, drinks so that you can be refreshed.

Viewing Balcony

Keep an eye on them little rascals from up above...take photos of your kids too...the odd video would be great for a laugh at home.

Messi's Ice Cream Parlour

Come on now...who doesn't like ice-cream...might be that your kids deserve a little, after all the calories they just burnt off, exercising in our fun zones.